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Adding availability using the new Scheduling feature
Adding availability using the new Scheduling feature

Easily set up and add your own time slots for a seamless interview process

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If you are already assigned as an interviewer to a specific location/position, the next thing that you should do is add your availability to the Workstream calendar. This will open up your schedule, making it easy for applicants to select and request an interview slot. Workstream also allows you to delete all the availability scheduled in your calendar.

To add your availability, take the steps below.

STEP 1: From your Workstream dashboard, go to Scheduling.

STEP 2: Click and drag the time slots to select in blocks. The minimum block required to add is 1.

STEP 3: Select the interviewer. Choose Someone else if you want to assign the availability to another person's calendar. Kindly note that the ability to assign to someone else depends on user-based permission.

STEP 4: Edit the time slot by selecting the time on the dropdown list.

If you are assigning to Someone else, select the timezone by clicking the arrow down button.

STEP 5: Choose the slot frequency. Select Every week if you want to arrange it as a recurring slot.

STEP 6: Enter the maximum number of applicants allowed per slot. If you want to allow multiple applicants to come in for an interview at the same time, you can increase this number to any multiple you choose. Only applicants from the same location and length of the interview will be allowed to book a slot at the same time.

STEP 7: Check the box if you want to make interviews exclusive to one location

Note: If selected, only applicants from the same location will be able to book interviews at the same time.

STEP 8: Select specific locations or positions if you want to lock in the slots for specific locations or positions only. Otherwise, proceed to Step 10.

STEP 9: Select positions and stages to schedule per location.

STEP 10: Select OK and then Save.

Delete all scheduling availability

STEP 1: Log in to your Workstream account. Go to Scheduling > Manage availability. Click Delete availability.

STEP 2: Select the calendar you wish to delete by clicking the drop-down arrow. Then click the Yes, delete button.

Note: Applicants will not be able to self-schedule their interviews until you add availability again.


  • If you are not added as an interviewer yet to a specific position/location, make sure to configure the scheduling stage first and add yourself as an interviewer. You may reach out to your Super Admin if you don't have an access to this feature.

  • If there are more than one interview leads for a certain position in a particular location, their schedule will appear and will be available for the applicants to select as long the location and position are selected under the Optional Settings.

  • When an interview lead selected 'Make interviews exclusive to one location' and the applicants allowed per interview in the same time range is more than one, only applicants from the same location will be able to book interviews at the same time.

  • If a user is assigned to a scheduling stage for any position and does not set up scheduling blocks, they will be alerted in the dashboard and via mobile that applicants cannot automatically schedule interviews. In the event an availability is added but any applicant is at all blocked from scheduling (e.g. all the time slots are taken), then the alerts will resurface.

  • If a user still fails to set their scheduling blocks, applicants will be able to submit their availability via open-text field. Their response will be sent as a notification to the user(s) assigned to the scheduling stage for that position and will be logged in the applicant message history.

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