The new scheduling stage features two parts needed to be done in order to get your interviewer's calendar up and ready to accept appointments.

The first part requires the Super Admin or the Account Manager to configure the scheduling stage.

The second part requires the assigned interviewer to add his own available time slots.

If you are a Super Admin and ready to carry out the first part, here's what you need to do.

STEP 1: From your Workstream dashboard, go to Positions.

STEP 2: If you have multiple brands, select your brand name. Otherwise, proceed to step 3.

STEP 3: Click the arrow down button next to the brand name to select a location.

STEP 4: Highlight a position, then click the '...' button.

STEP 5: Select Edit position.

STEP 6: Under Stages, select the Scheduling stage. If you have yet to add this stage, click here.

STEP 7: Go to Availability. Choose the edit icon.

STEP 8: Specify a meeting length. Select between the intervals of 15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes.

STEP 9: Select the meeting type.

STEP 10: Select the name of the interviewer from the dropdown list if you wish to assign it to specific users. Note that you can select multiple interviewers.

You can also assign it based on roles. Note that this update will be applied to all positions with the same role selected with the same meeting type and length.

STEP 11: Add the meeting details. Here, you can specify additional information or instructions needed for the interview. If you assigned a role as an interview lead instead of a specific user, make sure to use a generic name (e.g. interview with the General Manager) as this information will be copied to all relevant positions.

STEP 12: Choose Save.

NOTE: Now that the scheduling stage has been configured, the interviewer can now go ahead and add their own availabilities that applicants can pick up to schedule for an interview.

If there are more than one interview leads for a certain position in a particular location, their schedule will appear and will be available for the applicant to select as long the location and position is selected under the Optional Settings in their calendars. However, when one of the leads selected 'Make interviews exclusive to one location' and an applicant from another location has booked it, then the available time slot won't be visible anymore.

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