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Checking why the applicant volume is low
Checking why the applicant volume is low

A quick guide on things to check when you are getting low number of applicants

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Here is a checklist of things you should do and check when you noticed that the Indeed traffic is low:

  1. Has the job been published?

  2. Is Indeed turned on?

  3. Did you search on Indeed?

  4. Are the job descriptions optimized?

      1. Simple, straightforward title that does not contain information that should go in the job description

      1. Rate of pay

        1. Good to stay competitive

        2. Research Indeed and other boards to see how much other employers pay in your area

      2. Mention of benefits at the top of the job description

        1. Make them stand-alone sentences and bold them

      3. Keep things short and concise

        1. Use bullet points and short sentences

      4. Repeat keywords as many times as possible in the job description

    1. Keep application to one stage

    2. No Review stage

    3. Make sure the calendar is set up

    4. Use automated reminders to keep things moving

    5. Keep the hiring process short

  5. Communicate with applicants - use that personal touch

    1. “My name X, I look forward to meeting you tomorrow”

  6. Provide incentives for applicants to come in (lunch, gift card, etc.)

  7. Shortening how far out a candidate is able to schedule their interview

    1. Keep it 3-7 days max. Definitely not 14

  8. Are events on Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar overriding Workstream timeslots?

  9. Taking advantage of active sourcing

    1. Some suggestions on what exactly to do with the things above

      1. Print out hiring posters and put them on windows, doors, counters

      2. Do lawn signs

      3. Put a QR code or T2A on the bottom of the receipts

      4. Print out bag stuffers

      5. Staple small posters on bags

      6. Advertise on community boards at community centers, coffee shops, nearby schools and colleges, apartment complexes, gas stations

      7. Provide incentives for current employees, as well as people they referred, AND for them to share about the job on their own social media

        1. Lunch

        2. Gift cards

        3. Cash

        1. Leverage Facebook groups and others

      8. Do local radio, newspaper, and magazine ads. Even neighborhood’s publications

    1. You can approach it by saying that customers can test out by using the smallest budget to see how much traffic that budget generates, then adjust from there

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