Aside from a couple of things you can see inside the Workstream dashboard, as a GM, you will now see applicants whose interview time has recently passed, and applicants who are stuck in a review stage in two convenient tabs on the dashboard.

Upon logging in to your Workstream account, the first page you will see is the dashboard, where you would be able to see two tabs: the Interview completed

and Waiting for an interview tab, where you can take intuitive actions to manage your applicant flow.

Here are the additional features inside the GM dashboard and what you can do to maximize them.


In the left side panel, your interviews/appointments for the day as well as the next are listed down. You can also add your availability by selecting Add Availability which will lead to your Workstream calendar.

Interview completed

All applicants who have scheduled an interview for the past 10 days will appear in this tab. One click on the applicant's name and you would be able to see the applicant's profile. Here, you will also have an option to Reject, mark the applicant as no show, move to the next stage or mark as hired.

Waiting for an interview

All applicants who are in the review stage just right before the scheduling or interview stage who have yet to schedule an appointment will be shown in this tab. You can take action by selecting the options to reject, add a note, or move to interview stage.

Want to talk to our Support team? Look for the Intercom icon at the bottom right part of your dashboard and click on New conversation, or send an email at

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