We’ve updated our Add/Edit Position page to provide you a more efficient experience when creating a job post, while also gathering information that is most valuable to job boards and increasing visibility for your postings.

Here is a quick video to go over the changes we have made.

What do these changes look like?


After: We guide you through each part of the job post and also allow you to preview the post before publishing.

Step 1: Job Details

Step 2: Job Post

Step 3: Preview Job Post


Does this affect existing published positions?

Nothing will happen to existing published positions. However, you can edit a position to add or update with the new information we ask for to boost the posting’s visibility.

Does this affect the Job Boards and Hiring Process sections?

The ‘Job Boards’ and ‘Hiring Process’ sections are unchanged, though they are re-organized in the flow to be more intuitive to the overall job posting process.

Does this change guarantee more applicants?

If you add as much information as possible to the job posting, it will increase the visibility of the job postings on job boards such as Indeed, meaning there is a higher chance of more applicants.

What are the new fields?

  • Category (aka Industry)

  • Expanded options for pay

  • Supplemental pay

  • Benefits

  • Schedule type

  • Level of education

Do you have to fill out all these fields?

We’ve made most of these fields optional. However, it is best practice to provide thorough and accurate information.

Want to talk to our Support team? Look for the Intercom icon at the bottom right part of your dashboard and click on New conversation, or send an email at help@workstream.is.

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