We’ve improved our Onboarding product to provide you with a more intuitive experience that lets you better manage and onboard faster your new hires.

How to create a new process

STEP 1: From the main menu, go to the Onboarding tab, select Processes and click 'Create new process'

STEP 2: Name your process and click the 'Continue' button

STEP 3: From the list, select the tasks you want to include in this Onboarding process.

(You can check multiple tasks at once)

Scroll down to see more task and form options. Once done, click 'Continue'


  • Custom form allows you to create an online form and gather necessary information from your new hire to complete their onboarding process.

  • Sign Documents allows you to upload your own company documents and prepare the merge fields through HelloSign.

STEP 4: We will take you through configuring each task.

Click 'Continue' once you are done or 'Skip this task' if you'd like to finish it later.

STEP 5: Review your process and click 'Save' to finish.

  • Tasks are listed so you can tell which ones have incomplete configuration.

  • On the right panel you have the options to either Edit or Delete the task.

When you go back to the main Onboarding Processes page, the process with a yellow mark indicates that additional configuration is needed.

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