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Removing a hiring stage from a Position
Removing a hiring stage from a Position

What to consider before deleting a stage.

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At Workstream, we recognize that hiring processes are dynamic and subject to change based on the unique requirements of each company. To provide flexibility and adaptability, our platform allows for easy customization of hiring stages for each position. Whether you need to add or delete a stage, you have the freedom to make adjustments at any time to align with your evolving hiring needs.

We frequently receive inquiries and concerns related to the following error message:

"This stage cannot be deleted. There are applicants currently in the stage. Please move them to another stage and try again."

It is a straightforward message which can be solved by moving the applicants, who are currently in the stage you wish to delete, preferably to the next in order to keep the flow going.

Move the applicants to a stage that does not send automated messages to the applicants to avoid confusion. We recommend moving applicants to the Application stage.

Please refer to this article on how to move applicants:

Please take note that rejected applicants will be moved as well. You may set the filter to show them after you have moved the active applicants:

After doing so, please follow the same steps in the article provided above.

Once you have moved all of the applicants to another stage, you may try to delete the stage again.

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