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Adding/editing the Basic Information Module
Adding/editing the Basic Information Module

Customize your online form to collect basic information on your new hires.

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The Basic Information module will be added by default once you create a new process.

If you wish to add it as a standalone task or edit the kind of information you wish to gather from your new hires, follow the steps below.

STEP 1: From your Workstream dashboard, go to Onboarding.

STEP 2: Select Processes located on the right panel.

STEP 3: Choose Create new process.

NOTE: If you want to edit the fields from an existing process, simply select a process, select Basic Information module, then click the edit icon. Proceed to step 6.

STEP 4: Enter your process name, then Continue.

STEP 5: Under Required information, make sure the Basic Information module is marked. Choose Continue.

STEP 6: Go to What information should the hiring manager provide? section. Under Employment details, choose if you would like to turn off, make optional or require the name of the manager. Other fields are required by default.

STEP 7: Under Work location, choose the fields you want to include in the form by selecting Required or Optional. Click Off if you want to remove a certain field.

STEP 8: Repeat step 7 under Compensation section. Some fields are also required by default.

STEP 9: Select the arrow down button under What information should the employee provide?.

STEP 10: Select the fields you want the applicants to answer under Personal, Address and Emergency contact by again turning on Optional or Required. Remove the field by selecting Off.

STEP 11: Choose Save.

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