Setting up an I-9 module

Add the I-9 module to onboarding and then enable E-Verify for a smooth validation process.

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Note: If you're planning to use E-Verify, make sure that your company is already enrolled in E-Verify before proceeding.

Follow these steps to set up your company's I-9 onboarding module:

STEP 1: On your Workstream account, go to Onboarding.

STEP 2: Go to Processes.

STEP 3: Look for the process where you wish to add the I-9 module.

STEP 4: Go to Actions > Edit Process.

STEP 5: Go to Add Module.

STEP 6: Under Government Forms, put a check on Form I-9. Click Continue.

STEP 7: Toggle on E-Verify. Perform this step only if you would like to use E-verify for this process.

STEP 8: Click on Continue and provide the required information. Save the module to complete the setup.

You will need to complete the E-Verify Quiz afterward. Please refer to this article below on how to access the quiz:

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