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Integrating and configuring Paychex
Integrating and configuring Paychex

Send your new hires from Workstream onboarding to your Paychex Flex instance without needing to enter data twice.

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In order to use Paychex on your Workstream account, the following steps must be completed:

I. Integrate Workstream to Paychex

In order to ensure your company’s data are secure and can only be accessed by authorized personnel and applications, the following processes must be followed in order to integrate Workstream into Paychex:

STEP 1: The Super Admin shall submit a request to with the subject Enable paychex_onboarding feature. The Paychex Company ID(s) must be provided on the request.

STEP 2: Your Customer Success Manager will work with Paychex to enable integration, which will take from 1 to 3 business days.

STEP 3: Once the integration is approved, your Customer Success Manager will send you an approval link for the Flex Admin to approve the Workstream app on the Paychex Flex portal. Alternatively, if the approval link does not work, you can follow the steps in section II below.

II: Enable the Workstream app in the Paychex Flex portal

If the approval link from your Customer Success Manager does not work, please follow these steps to enable the Workstream app in the Flex portal.

STEP 1: Login to Paychex Flex, and navigate to Company Settings > Integrated apps. You will then see the Workstream app with an “Access Requested” notice.

STEP 2: You will then need to toggle on the Workstream integration, agree to the legal notice, and Save.

Note: If you have questions or need assistance with linking clients, please reach out for support using the form at

III. Configure the onboarding process

In order to send employees to Paychex, Super Admins must add the Paychex module to an existing onboarding processes used for your employees:

STEP 1: On your Workstream account, go to Onboarding > Processes.

STEP 2: Look for the process that you wish to use to send new hires to Paychex.

STEP 4: Go to Actions > Edit Process.

STEP 6: Click on Add new module, then select Paychex.

STEP 7: Complete the module setup and Save.

Once a new hire completes the onboarding process in Workstream, the new employees will be listed under the People list under the In Progress section of your Paychex dashboard:

Note: if you don’t see Paychex listed, please contact and request to enable the paychex_onboarding feature

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