There are various reasons why an employer decides not to push through with a new hire - it could be due to finding out the employee is not the right fit or that sudden changes within the company do not require someone new for the position anymore.

Having employees that did not go through remain on the onboarding may leave the dashboard looking cluttered.

Follow these steps to remove an employee from onboarding and to make sure they are sorted correctly:

STEP 1: Go to Onboarding.

STEP 2: Go to Overview.

STEP 3: For employees that have not yet started onboarding, go to the New tab and look for their names. Click on the Actions icon beside Start Onboarding.

For employees that have already started onboarding, go to the In Progress tab and look for their names. Click on the Actions icon.

STEP 4: Selecting Remove from Onboarding will mark the employee as Removed.

Note: You may still view a removed employee by going to the Employees tab and then by selecting Removed from the Status filter.

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