Many companies leverage Application Programming Interface, API to access and manage data. Workstream offers restful APIs for developers to build integrations via standard authentication protocol Oauth 2.0.

To provide your developer access to your company's workstream hosted data via APIs, first please contact workstream support to turn on "Oauth App" module (you can click on the help icon on this site or send an email to ). Once the module is turned on, your company workstream administrators should be able to generate a token for each developer by

  1. Using menu to select Company -> Integration -> Access Token. Note: if you don't see Access Token listed, please contact workstream support to turn on "Oauth App" module;

  2. Click on Generate token, enter Token name (Tip, you can use the developer name); click on Save.

You should see newly generated token listed on the grid. To view the actual token, click on the Edit icon and you can view the token value listed.

Get to the Access Token page

To view token

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