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Where to use Text-to-Apply posters and business cards
Where to use Text-to-Apply posters and business cards

Learn the best places to post Text-to-Apply posters and business cards to get more applicants.

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Within Workstream, you can quickly and easily generate branded Text-to-Apply posters and business cards to promote your open job listings. These pieces of promotional material feature a code applicants can text and/or QR codes applicants can scan to apply for open positions straight from their phone.

To actively source new applicants, we recommend posting these materials within your business in strategic locations, as well as in places within your local and online community. Here are some suggestions.

Where to put promotional materials at your business

  • Add QR or Text-to-Apply code to the bottom of receipts

  • Include small flyers in orders

  • Place posters on:

    • Windows

    • Counters

    • Tabletops

    • Napkins/Napkin holders

Where to put promotional materials within your community

  • Place an ad with your poster in the local newspaper, local college newspaper, and/or any local publication related to the role you’re hiring for

  • Post your posters to community boards at local coffee shops, apartment buildings, gas stations, religious centers, etc.

  • Pass out or post posters at local events like sporting events, farmers’ markets, college events like job fairs

    • Consider sponsoring these events to get your posters and promotional materials in front of even more potential applicants

  • Ask if you can post posters at your local unemployment office and/or staffing agency

  • Ask current employees to share your posters and business cards with their peers

Where to post promotional materials online

  • Post to Facebook groups. Find groups for:

    • Your neighborhood

    • Community events/activities like sports teams, clubs, festivals, etc.

    • Parents (if you’re looking for high school-aged employees)

    • Veterans

    • Local college

    • Local trade/technical school

    • Local professionals related to your role

  • Post to Craigslist or other similar online classified ad sites

  • Share on the Nextdoor app, or other community-based apps

  • Share on other social media channels applicants could find you like TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter. Find tips for using social media to source applicants here

  • Ask your local college or trade/technical school if you can post your promotional materials on their online job boards

Text-to-Apply posters and business cards are just a couple of the Sourcing Tools you can take advantage of on Workstream. See more ways you can promote your open job listing here.

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