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Merging two existing hiring stages
Merging two existing hiring stages

Here are FAQs about merging stages.

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In most cases, clients want to merge stages to make the application process quicker for applicants as well as the hiring managers.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about merging hiring stages:

Q: Are we able to merge two or more hiring stages into one?

A: Such a feature is not yet available on Workstream. However, there is a workaround that can be used to "merge" two or more stages into one.

Q: What is the best workaround if I want to "merge" hiring stages?

A: For now, we advise clients to copy the questions to the stage they choose to keep while deleting the one they choose to remove from the hiring process. After copying, the questions (and answers, if applicable) can be pasted by adding a new question to the stage that is being kept.

Q: Do we have to manually delete the stage that we do not need anymore?

A: Yes. Please note that before deleting a stage, you must first move the applicants in it to the stage you choose to keep. If not, you will receive an error message. Make sure to move even the rejected applicants to the other stage. Once done, then you may delete the stage.

Q: Will the applicants receive a notification that they were moved to another stage?

A: If the automation rules are set to send a notification to the applicants - then yes, they will receive a message. This includes rejected applicants. We advise turning off the automation rules temporarily while moving the applicants to the stage you choose to keep.

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