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Workstream Onboarding checklist and link
Workstream Onboarding checklist and link

View and track an employee's onboarding progress

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With the onboarding checklist, users can navigate and manage every employee's onboarding efficiently.

How to view an employee's onboarding checklist:

STEP 1: Go to Onboarding.

STEP 2: Go to In Progress.

STEP 3: Look for the employee's name then click View.

An Overview of the Checklist

After following the steps above, you will be directed to the employee's checklist:

  • Each form is considered a step to check off. In the example above, the employee is already done with Basic Information thus the green check before New hire submission. You will also see the completion date.

  • Note that the View button for Basic Information is not greyed out, unlike the one on W-4 Form. This is because the latter is not yet completed. You have to wait for the employee to complete a step before you can view it.

  • Besides the employee, you also have a checklist to complete on your end. You can view this by going to the Your Tasks tab:

Sharing and copying the onboarding link from the checklist

Besides its main function, you can also locate in the checklist the onboarding link should you need to resend it to the employee.

A popup window will then show after you click Share Onboarding Link.

You can opt to resend either via email or text. You may also choose both.

If you want to check what the process looks like on the employee's end, you can click Copy onboarding link and then paste the link to your browser's address bar.

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