About Workstream e-verify integration

Workstream is one of the E-Verify employer agents helping U.S.-based companies verify employment eligibility for new hires. Once connected, your authorized users can submit cases for new hire employment verification through Workstream onboarding.

To learn more about the E-Verify process, please visit the official E-Verify site.

Note: Only Super Admin users have access and permission to set up E-Verify.


Employers need to authorize and connect Workstream as an E-Verify employer agent for each FEIN. This article outlines the steps to set up Workstream so authorized users can submit employment verification cases. The overall process should take between 1 to 3 business days

  1. The Super Admin submits the EIN E-Verify request through Workstream;

  2. The Customer Support team processes the submission with E-Verify (1 business day);

  3. The Super Admin signs the MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) via email;

  4. The Super admin adds the I-9 for the onboarding process(es);

  5. Authorized users take the E-Verify quiz;

Submitting EIN e-verify request

Before adding an I-9 module to your company's onboarding process, you must first work on adding your company for E-Verify. Follow the steps below to do so:

STEP 1: Go to Company.

STEP 2: Go to Integrations.

STEP 3: Go to USCIS.

STEP 4: Click Add a company for E-Verify.

STEP 5: Enter your company information.

STEP 6: Select a category for your company.

STEP 7: Select your hiring sites.

STEP 8: Add your company's main contact.

STEP 9: Submit the information you have entered after you are done reviewing.

Registration and Memorandum of Understanding

The Customer Support team will receive an email alerting them that you have integrated E-Verify into your account. The reps will then create an E-Verify client on your behalf. This is what the progress will look like on your end:

After the registration has been completed by Customer Support, you will see this:

You will receive an email to sign an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding). After signing, this is what you will see on your end:

After the MOU has been completed, you may proceed to set up an I-9 module for your onboarding process.

Frequently asked questions

What's the requirement for my employees to use e-verify?

All employees who need to submit e-verify via workstream must complete the e-verify quiz. To access e-verify quiz, go to Account Settings -> E-Verify Quiz.

Want to talk to our Support team? Look for the Intercom icon at the bottom right part of your dashboard and click on new conversation, or send an email to help@workstream.is.

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