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Gain deeper insights into your hiring pipeline with our custom reports.

Note: Only users with "Create and edit custom reports" permission can create a custom report. Users assigned to the Super Admin role will have the permission by default.

Here's how to create a custom report to measure your hiring performance across your positions, locations, and sources.

STEP 1: Go to Analytics then Reports.

STEP 2: Click Build Report.

STEP 3: Select the Hiring Report to bring up the builder.

STEP 4: On the left, check the box beside the data you want to see in your report.

Note: There are two options under In Progress.

  • Default phases - view applicant counts in the default Workstream phases: Applications, Interviews, and Offers.

  • Custom stages - view the applicant counts in the hiring process stages set up by your company. Selecting this will add Time in each stage (avg) and Time in each stage (median) under Performance metrics.

STEP 5: After selecting all the data you want to include in your report, click the Preview button to refresh it with the chosen information.

STEP 6: Type the title of your report under the Report Name field.

STEP 7: Click Filter to select the application date range or click the drop-down arrow beside the Group metrics by and select one or more metrics you want to include in your report.

STEP 8: Click Save and Run to save and generate your report. You will receive an email when your report is ready.

STEP 9: To view your saved report, Go to Analytics and click the title of your report.

You will have more options to view report details, download, edit, rerun, or delete your report by clicking the three dots at the far-left side of your report's title.


Q: What information can I include in my custom report?

A: Below are the information that you can include:

  • Hiring phases

    • Hired

    • Rejected

    • In progress

      • Default phases (This is WS-defined)

        • Applications

        • Interviews

        • Offers

      • Custom stages

        • This is based on what is set up in your hiring processes

  • Performance

    • Total applicants

    • Interacted with —- Measures hiring manager effectiveness

    • Hired %

    • Time to hire (avg)

    • Time to hire (median)

    • Time in each stage (avg) —- Only available when the ‘Custom stages’ is selected.

    • Time in each stage (median) —- Only available when the ‘Custom stages’ is selected.

Q: Can I adjust the time period for the data?

A: Yes, you will be able to adjust the Application Date Range by using the filters.

Q: Can I group or aggregate the data?

A: Yes, you will be able to group by application date (week or month), referrer source, location, and/or position.

Q: What format can these reports be exported in?

A: The report will be emailed to you once ready either in CSV or Excel format

Q: Will users have the ability to schedule reports and distribute to multiple users?

A: Yes, users will be able to schedule reports to receive a newly generated report on a periodic basis automatically.

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