Impact & Value:

  • More visibility and efficiency when managing applicants

  • Additional sourcing strategy by re-engaging with past and stagnant applicants

  • Ensures that users have access to all of their applicant records no matter what happens to a position

Why applicants become 'inactive':

  • Inactivity for 30+ days (automatic)

    • 'Inactivity' can mean no manager interaction or no engagement from the applicant's end

  • Deletion of the position they applied for (automatic)

  • Marked as inactive by a user (manual)

How to access:

STEP 1: From the main menu, go to the Applicants tab.

STEP 2: On top, click the arrow beside Applicants and select Archived Applicants from the dropdown.

How to manually mark an applicant as 'Inactive':

STEP 1: From the main menu, go to the Applicants tab.

STEP 2: Look for the applicant's name and to its far right, click the three-dotted menu button.

STEP 3: Select 'Mark as inactive' from the drop-down options.

Important things to note:

  • Mark applicants as hired if they are hired to ensure that they are not unintentionally marked as inactive.

    [See related articles on how to mark applicants as hired manually or automatically]

  • Once applicants are marked as hired or rejected, they can not (will not) be moved to the Archived Applicants page.

    • Inversely, if applicants are marked inactive then record will stay as is.

  • For applicants to move back to "active" status, the applicants will need to reapply.

    • Users will have to re-invite them to apply for a position either by individual or bulk messages. [See related articles on how to reactivate archived applicants]

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