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Integrate your Payroll, POS, or Core HR Apps with Workstream via Modulus Data
Integrate your Payroll, POS, or Core HR Apps with Workstream via Modulus Data
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We’re always looking for ways to streamline how leaders like you hire and manage your deskless workforce. And we know that part of the job is managing a lot of different HR technology and having data flow between systems. To integrate Workstream data with other applications, Workstream partners with one of the leading experts in HR data integration - Modulus Data. Our partnership makes it easy for you to connect and transfer data between your most used tools, easily saving your team 20-40 hours a month. Modulus Data provides Workstream connectors for popular integration HCM use cases such in near real-time for new hires and employee updates between Workstream and your payroll system, POS, and HCM, like Paycor, Paycom, Paylocity, Toast, UKG, and Workday.

You can now engage Modulus Data, a data integration connector for HR applications, to leverage pre-built turn-key connectors or build custom integrations for Workstream. Modulus Data maps the data you have on Workstream to any other HR applications you currently use. Imagine, as soon as you mark an applicant as hired in Workstream, their data automatically syncs to your payroll app, your core HR system, and your POS app—so they're ready for day one without any manual data inputting on your part.

Integrating your HR apps helps you:

  • Increase productivity: Avoid manual data entry and ensure data consistency. Integrating your apps with Workstream will save you time and help you reduce errors. This enables your employees to focus on more strategic tasks that will boost company performance.

  • Easily manage data: Having the option to integrate data between apps allows you to consolidate all your data in one place instead of managing several disparate systems. And with Modulus Data, you won’t need to engage your internal IT resources to create an integration.

  • Increase security: Since manual data entry is no longer needed, fewer people will be exposed to confidential employee data. It also reduces the creation of unnecessary user accounts for your staff and duplicates employee profiles.

Bring your favorite tools together

If you are manually inputting data between tools today, check out our new partnership and see what efficiencies you could gain by integrating with Workstream.

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