Checkr Integration Guide:

Connect to Checkr

STEP 1: From your Workstream dashboard, go to Company > Integrations > Checkr.

STEP 2: Click Connect and follow the prompt to set up a Checkr account. If you already have a Checkr account, click on "Sign in" instead.

STEP 3: Follow the prompts to provide your contact information, business information and payment method.

STEP 4: Once you are done filling out the fields, you will automatically connect to Checkr.

NOTE: If you already have a Checkr account and are turning on the integration within Workstream for the first time, repeat Step 1 and 2 and click on "Sign in":

Please contact if you need any assistance with your account and billing information.

Select and enable background check packages

A. If you don’t use Account Hierarchy in your Checkr account, we'll show you the default packages provided by Workstream and you can select which ones to enable.

B. If you use Account Hierarchy in your Checkr account, we'll show you the nodes and assigned packages from your Checkr account and then you can select which ones to enable.

Add a background check stage to your hiring process for any position

STEP 1: Go to the Positions tab.

STEP 2: Select your brand. If you only have one brand, proceed to step 3.

STEP 3: Click the arrow down button next to the brand name to select a location.

STEP 4: Select a position then click the three-dotted line located in the last column.

STEP 5: Select Edit Position. You can also click the position name to take you to the Edit job summary page.

STEP 6: Go to Stages. Click the Add new stage button.

STEP 7: Select Background check then type any stage name for it and drag it to any order that you want to place it.


A. If you don’t use Account Hierarchy, select which background check package to run for your position.

B. If you use Account Hierarchy, select both the node and the background check package to run for your position.

STEP 9: Click the Automation tab then select the automation rule that says

"When an applicant enters this stage... Send them a message". This ensures that when you move the applicant to this stage, he/she will receive a notification about it.

Check the status of a background check

To view an applicant's background check status, follow the steps below.

STEP 1: Log in to your Workstream account then go to Applicants.

STEP 2: Select a Positions.

STEP 3: Under Stages, select Background Check.

STEP 4: Select the applicant's name.

STEP 5: On the applicant's profile tab, select Background.

STEP 6: A detailed status of the applicant's background check will appear along with the option for you to log directly into Checkr.

How much do Checkr background checks cost?

For more information on Checkr pricing, please visit

Want to talk to our support team? Look for the Intercom icon at the bottom right part of your dashboard and click on New Conversation or send an Email at

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