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How to access sourcing tools
How to access sourcing tools

Use various sourcing strategies to increase applicant volume.

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Build a diverse sourcing strategy that attracts more applicants with Workstream’s active sourcing tools:

[Please see the related article for the individual configuration of each sourcing tool.]

  • Sponsored job boards

    Maintain prominent visibility at the top of search results on the most popular job boards.

  • Hiring posters and business cards

    Announce and promote your open positions with our customizable ready-to-print hiring posters.

  • Free job boards

    Post your open positions to 25,000+ job boards straight from Workstream.

  • Referrals

    Your team can refer their friends and family with custom and trackable referral links.

  • Text-to-apply code

    Applicants apply right from their mobile device using a short code and keyword.

  • Careers page

    A Workstream-provided webpage showcasing your brand and presenting your job openings.

  • Social media

    Easily share your job postings across different social media platforms.

There are two ways to access sourcing tools

1. From the left menu, go to the Sourcing tab.

2. From the left menu, go to the Positions tab, and on the upper-right-hand corner click the drop-down arrow beside Add Position then select View sourcing tools.


Users can also choose the position, location, and brand that they intend to share.

If a brand is selected, it will pre-populate the brand on the Sourcing Tools page.

The same applies when a location and/or a position is selected prior to clicking the View sourcing tools option from the drop-down.

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