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Editing a Team Member’s information in Team Records
Editing a Team Member’s information in Team Records

Edit a team member’s personal and employment information in the Team tab

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Our Team Records tool allows you to change particular information on your team members' records stored in Workstream.

List of team members and their details.

Located in Team View › Team Management.

This article outlines the steps for you to be able to edit your team member's information.

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Editing your Team Member's Information on Team Records

  1. On Team View, click Team ManagementTeam

  2. Click the name of the team member you would like to update.

  3. Click the Edit button to add or change the team member's information.

    • Note: Some fields when edited can cause some of your forms to restart.

  4. Click the Save button to complete your edit.

Editing a Team Member's Status

If you need to change a team member's status, you will just need to click the status of the member you wish to change and a dropdown will be made visible.

We also have a bulk-action capability to update the statuses by ticking the checkboxes beside the team members names and selecting the options.

Definition of Team Member Statuses



Marked as Hired

Team Members who have gone through and completed the hiring stages.


Team Members that are currently undergoing an onboarding process in Workstream Onboarding.


Team Members who have completed Onboarding and still have an active role in your company.


Team Members who have left your company but wish to keep their records for future use.

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