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Offboarding a Team Member in Records
Offboarding a Team Member in Records

Removing a Team Member from Team Records

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If after Onboarding, your Team Member no longer belongs to your organization, you can update the employment status of your employee to Offboarded in the Teams tab. When you change the status to offboarded, the system will log the details to the employee's History.

However, if you do not have the teams tab, you can find out more by going here. If you wish to remove an Applicant from your hiring or onboarding product, you can opt to reject them, learn more here.

To offboard, follow the steps below:

STEP 1: Click the name of the employee you wish to offboard.

STEP 2: Click the dropdown arrow and select Offboarded.

Step 3: Choose the Team member’s last day of work and add a Termination Note. To complete the Offboarding process, click OK.

Note: To bulk offboard multiple team members, select each employee to be offboarded by ticking the check box beside their names. Then, select Update status to Offboard in the dropdown menu.

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