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Importing Team Member Data to Records in Bulk
Importing Team Member Data to Records in Bulk

Adding Multiple Team Member Data to Team Records

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You can easily transfer your team member information via our Bulk import process. Follow the steps below to bulk import team member data.

Step 1: Go to the Team tab > Click the drop-down arrow beside Add team members > select Bulk import team members.

Step 2: The Upload file process requires that you use a provided template for a smooth transition from your existing team member data to the new system. Use .xlsx or .csv file format to bulk import.

Once you download any of these files, you will find that there are columns that are RED.

These columns are required fields and the import will fail if any of these columns are missing.

Columns not marked in Red are additional fields that Workstream can accept for an employee record. These are not required and can be left blank.

Each row corresponds to one employee.

When importing, Workstream will also reference your existing employees and check for duplicates.

  • Phone Number - Country Code will default to a USA or Canada country code (+1) if left blank.

  • For Work Location, please reference your Workstream Location settings for a list of your locations in Workstream

  • For Department, please reference your Workstream Department settings for a list of your Departments in Workstream

Step 3: After uploading the file, click Continue to proceed with the data transfer.

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