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Naming Company Documents and Onboarding Processes
Naming Company Documents and Onboarding Processes
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Keeping your Digital Onboarding organized is a major game changer when it comes to managing your account. We at Workstream suggest the following best practice when uploading and naming your Company Documents and creating your Onboarding Processes! It will save time and reduce pain when keeping everything up to date!

Here's a summary of the best practice:

  1. Specify uniqueness: Identify if any Company Documents or Onboarding Processes are specific to a state, brand, or position/department within your account.

  2. Name structure: Begin the name of the document or process with the state abbreviation, brand name, or position/department to indicate its relevance.

  3. Consolidation: Consolidate similar documents or processes whenever possible to avoid clutter and simplify your account.

See below for examples:

Onboarding Processes

Company Documents

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