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Countersigning documents
Countersigning documents

Sign off of your teams documents when needed to ensure completion.

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Some documents will require that a representative from your company sign as well. This is where we allow you to countersign documents as needed.

A notification will alert you if you are required to sign a document to complete the signing process. All users will be able to countersign even if they do not have permissions to add, configure, or assign documents.

Click on ‘View and Sign’ on the yellow alert banner.

If you cannot find the ‘View and Sign’ banner then you might not have access to the location where the team member is assigned or your role does not match the assigned ‘Company signer’ for the document.

Once you are at the Complete Tasks page, select a task you would like to complete.

Once you have completed the signing, you will be moved to a confirmation page and the screen will move automatically to the next needed document needing to be countersigned.

Need access to this feature? We are happy to give you a demo! Let us know by clicking here and we will be in touch with you soon!

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