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Integrating and Configuring Vendor Bridge
Integrating and Configuring Vendor Bridge

Integrate your Vendor Bridge

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Integrating and configuring Vendor Bridge

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Send your new hires from Workstream onboarding to your payroll systems without needing to enter data twice

To send your new Team Member’s information from Workstream into HR/Payroll, the following steps must be completed.

I. Enroll the Workstream App via Vendor Bridge


  • Only operators can enroll Workstream App to Vendor Bridge.

  • Select the Workstream User Acceptance Test Vendor Bridge card in the HR payroll.

II. Connect Vendor Bridge to Workstream

STEP 1: Log in to your Workstream account. Go to Company > Integrations > HR/payroll. Click Connect account.

STEP 2: Enter your credentials to Authorize Access.

Note: Only the operator's credentials can authorize the access.

STEP 3: Once you reach this page, you have successfully established the Vendor Bridge connection. Close this page.

STEP 4: Go back to your workstream account and click Select Locations ID.

STEP 5: Use the dropdown arrow to select the location ID and Save.

Note: Each location can only be linked to one Location ID.

The status will show whether you are actively logged in to Vendor Bridge or if your status has expired. To re-login, click the three-dot menu and select Re-login.

Click Change location IDs to change it. Select the new location ID and Save the changes.

III. Create and configure an Onboarding process

STEP 1: Log into your Workstream account. Go to Onboarding > Processes > Create new process.

Note: You can choose to edit, delete, or duplicate an existing onboarding process by clicking the dropdown arrow on the far right side of the name of your process.

STEP 2: You will need to create at least one Onboarding Process for each Restaurant. If you are a multi-unit Operator, it is suggested that you include your Restaurant # in the Name to distinguish each process. See the example in the screenshot below. Name your process then click Continue at the bottom right-hand corner.

STEP 3: Workstream includes a wide variety of onboarding activities that can be mixed and matched into a process that works best for each Restaurant. A screenshot showing the list of available activities can be found below.

Scroll down to the Others section and select the HR/Payroll task which is the form that will capture everything that will be sent to HR/Payroll. Select any other forms that the future Team Member should fill out (e.g., Form W-4, Form I-9, etc.).

Click HERE to view an article showing how to add custom handbooks/playbooks as part of the onboarding process. When you are done adding tasks click Continue.

Important things to note:

  • The Basic Information task is selected by default and cannot be unchecked. This module is included in all onboarding processes.

  • Include Form W-4 in your process. The information collected here will later be used to auto-populate the Federal Tax section in the employee’s Vendor Bridge form. The signed W-4 form will be completed electronically and stored in Workstream for feature reference.

  • Do not include the Direct Deposit Form module in your process. This information will need to be entered in the HR/Payroll task.

  • It is best practice to keep the HR/Payroll module last in your process.

  • Review and validate the details of each of the onboarding tasks that were selected. Depending on the task, certain fields can be made to be mandatory, optional, or turned off.

STEP 4: Configure the HR payroll module. Assign the appropriate permissions/role in the setup form for hiring manager to complete and Set up the final reviewers. Assign them to a user who is familiar with the HR payroll. Click Continue and Save.


Question: Rehires - When an employee already exists on the payroll system, what should the users do during the employee's onboarding process?



  • Vendor Bridge only allows employees to be pushed into Payroll once. An employee who is manually added to the HR payroll will not be pushed into the Payroll again through the Vendor Bridge integration. This employee’s payroll stage must be manually marked as complete.

  • When filling out the hiring form for HR payroll, the start date must not be set in the future. Select either today or a date in the past. The start date can be updated in the HR payroll.

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