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Creating and Assigning Surveys
Creating and Assigning Surveys

Workstream Surveys will enable employers to efficiently and deeply understand the sentiment of their workers

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Creating surveys and collecting feedback at each critical stage of the worker lifecycle helps you understand how you can improve company culture and employee retention and productivity.


  • Quickly identify and address problem/improvement areas

  • Identify and celebrate areas where the company is supporting their employees well

  • With Surveys, employers are dialed in on how to optimize retention and productivity

Note: Users need the permission "Create and send surveys" enabled in order to send surveys.

Survey Types

There are three (3) survey types: Pulse Check-in, 30 day onboarding and Exit surveys.

Pulse Check-in surveys enables you to periodically check in with your workers and capture current sentiment

  • Collect anonymous feedback from workers to understand how you can improve retention and productivity

  • Compare GM performance across all their locations

  • Evaluate your culture change efforts using pulse score trends

30-day onboarding surveys enables you to hone in on how you can optimize your new hire and training programs

  • The first 30 days of a worker’s tenure is often the most critical period of their employment

  • Collect feedback from new hires to understand how you can improve the new hire onboarding experience

  • Compare the effectiveness of onboarding processes by department

Exit surveys will be issued to departing workers to allow employers to hone in on departure reasons and how they can improve worker retention in the future

  • Understand the main reasons for worker departures

  • Get more specific feedback on how work satisfaction can be improved for current workers

Creating Surveys

  1. Select the Surveys tab

  2. On the top right of the screen, select Create Survey

  3. Select a Survey Type

Assigning Surveys

For each survey type, you will be able to select recipients. Your recipients will be notified via text message to complete the survey.

  • To get response rates up, we automatically send out 3 text reminders for workers to complete surveys

    • Reminders will be at 1, 3, and 10 days after the initial send

Note: Workers have the option to opt out of surveys.

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