Creating Custom Fields

Create custom fields and store a wide range of information specific to your organization.

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Super Admins with the Create and edit custom fields permissions can create custom fields which will allow to capture and store a wide range of information specific to your organization.

Custom fields section located in the Admin View

This information can be in the form of either single select fields or free text fields.

NOTE: Please exercise caution when creating custom fields to capture information. Avoid sensitive information, such as Social Security Numbers (SSNs), to minimize security risks.

Adding Custom fields for Location/Department/Position

  1. Switch to Admin View

  2. Click on Custom Fields

  3. Choose the object in which you wish to create Custom fields for:

    • Location

    • Department

    • Position

  4. Click on the Add custom field button

    • The field title and field type are mandatory fields which needs to be populated before creating a custom field

      • Field Type: Choose between free text or dropdown single select

      • Required Field: You have the option to mark a custom field as required

    • NOTE: There is a limit of 20 custom fields per object. However if you need more custom fields, please reach out to our Customer Support Representative or your Customer Success Manager (CSM) for help

5. Newly added custom fields will be added in the Additional Information section of each object

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