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Get answers to common questions about the new hiring flow on Workstream.

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Recently, the hiring workflow was redesigned with reducing effort for Workstream users in mind.

The new workflow for creating a job posting.

By simplifying job posting creation by eliminating several steps such as job details, job board settings, and setting up hiring process, we were able to make this easier to maintain, allowed more quality control / consistency with hiring processes, and enabled job details as shared resources

We’ll answer the most common questions people ask about the new hiring flow here.

Q: Why is Workstream making these changes?

A: Workstream is making these changes to simplify the process of creating and maintaining job postings, ensure consistency in the position details, job descriptions, and hiring processes, and improve quality control by using position details and hiring processes as shared resources.

Q: What will change the most?

A: The biggest changes include renaming 'Positions' to 'Job Postings', simplifying the creation of a job posting, eliminating the 'Bulk Update' feature in favor of position and hiring process templates, and introducing a new job posting hierarchy.

Q: What are the benefits of this change?

A: The benefits include reduced effort in creating job postings, self-serve capabilities for what was previously 'bulk updating', easier maintenance, and enhanced quality control and consistency with hiring processes and job details as they now act as shared resources.

Q: As a Workstream user, what should I do to get the most from this change?

A: To maximize the benefits, users should familiarize themselves with the new job posting hierarchy, understand how position and hiring process templates function, and when possible consolidate the number of templates used for easy maintenance.. This ensures a consistent and streamlined process.

Q: Did we get communication that this is occurring?

A: Yes, we have issued email communications to all users in the account that are Super Admins. If you feel that you did not receive this communication or missed it, please refer to the following resources:

Q: How will the new job posting hierarchy work?

A: Position details and job descriptions will be configured within position templates. Hiring stages and rejection templates will be configured within hiring process templates. When creating a job posting, users will simply select a position template and a hiring process template, along with setting the posting title, location, compensation, and publishing settings.

Q: What will happen to the 'Bulk Update' feature?

A: The 'Bulk Update' feature will be eliminated. Instead, updates to job details for multiple postings can be made by updating the relevant position templates, and updates to a hiring process for multiple job postings can be done by updating the hiring process templates.

Q: How can users apply a position to multiple or all locations?

A: Users can either bulk duplicate an existing job posting(s) to multiple/all locations or select multiple/all locations when creating a new job posting.

Q: Will users have the flexibility to set different interview leads for different locations?

A: Yes, within the hiring process template, users can navigate to the scheduling stage and select 'Add meeting details to select locations only', allowing them to add multiple meeting details to a single hiring process template.

Q: Where can users manage their sponsored listings?

A: Sponsored listings can be created and managed via Sourcing Tools, just as before.

Q: How are rejection templates managed in this new system?

A: Rejection templates can be managed within the Hiring Process templates under a dedicated tab.

Q: Are Spanish Translations going to be incorporated in the new changes?

A: Yes, Spanish Translations will be available for customers with access. They can be enabled for specific positions within the position template configuration. Moreover, users will have the choice to enable or disable Spanish Translations for specific locations when creating or editing a job posting.

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