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Introducing Workstream's navigation change
Introducing Workstream's navigation change

Learn what's new with Workstream's updated navigation.

Written by Dia Mercado
Updated over a week ago

This coming November, the new navigation will make it easy for you to use Workstream. Admins and team members will have access to tools that are relevant to their different roles and responsibilities in managing HR.

What has changed?

Grouped menu items

Your menu items are now grouped together and can be closed or expanded to give you more space to work.

Admin and team view

Admins can switch between the admin and team view, and team members only have access to the features that are relevant to their roles.

  • Admin view: Unique to account admins, this view shows where to set up feature settings, company settings, and access controls

  • Team view: Helps team members and managers focus on day-to-day management

Personal user settings

Notifications, help, and account settings are now at the top-right corner.

What’s in it for me?

Workstream is expanding to offer multiple products. We're not just about hiring anymore – we're also focusing on keeping and managing teams. The navigation change will make your experience better as we add more features.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Can I switch back to the old navigation?

A: No. To make sure that everyone has the best possible experience, we’ll move all customers to the updated navigation.

Q: Does this navigation change affect the mobile app?

A: No. This update only applies to the desktop or web experience.

Q: How will my navigation look like if I’m using both the admin and team view?

A: You have the option to switch between the two views.

Q: When can I use the new navigation?

A: We’ll be rolling out the updated navigation this coming November.

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