Getting started with Workstream

New to Workstream or thinking about trying it out? Learn more about the platform here, what it does, and how to get started.

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Adding and posting positions

Write job descriptions, post them to the job boards, and start receiving applicants for your open roles.

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Establishing your hiring process

Get rid of the back-and-forth and reclaim your time by setting up your hiring process in Workstream.

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Managing candidates and applications

Move candidates through your hiring process, schedule interviews, and rate them to make it easy for your whole team to hire the right person.

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Once you’ve found the right person, get them from applicant to employee as fast as possible.

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Team Management

Everything you need to know about Team Management products.

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Team Records

Manage team members' records by updating, exporting or importing personal and employment information.

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Monitoring your business

Keep an eye on everything happening with the dashboard, notifications, and in-depth analytics.

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Managing your account

Manage everything from your users, your company information, your subscription and billing, and more.

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Workstream on your mobile device

Hire effectively on the go with your mobile phone and the Workstream app.

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Acquire applicants

Attract and acquire applicants through Workstream job boards, posters and text-to-apply features

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Connecting your favorite applications with Workstream

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Managing job postings

Efficiently create and customize job postings, positions, and hiring processes.

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Job Boards

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Workstream FAQs

You have questions, we have answers!

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Best practices

It’s easy to get started with Workstream, but these articles can help you master it.

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Subscriptions and Billing

Everything a user need to know regarding the subscription and billing information associated with their account.

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Product Updates

Check out what's new in Workstream!

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For Billing Concerns of your Workstream account

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